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Privacy Policy​


E&E Off-Road LLC is committed to protecting our customers' privacy and personal information. Customers are always welcome to view our site anytime without providing any personal information. When doing business with E&E Off-Road LLC we may have to obtain certain personal information, such as name, home or billing addresses, e-mail addresses, credit card number and or vehicle information. Submission of such information is not required unless a purchase is completed, and submission of the information is completely by choice of the end user.

E&E Off-Road LLC does not sell, trade, rent or provide any personal and private information entered on our site to any third parties at any time. Personal information is only used internally and solely collected so we can process orders, fulfill any requests you may have, and to help maximize your shopping experience now and in the future.


When browsing the website certain information may be collected such as how you accessed the website (through which search engine). This type of information is completely anonymous and will not be used for any purpose except to enhance the experience for the end users. None of this information can be tracked back to the original user so privacy is guaranteed.


E&E Off-Road LLC does everything in its power to prevent identity theft. However, there is always the possibility of people making fake e-mails using the E&E Off-Road LLC name in order to divulge personal information from you. You as the customer need to be aware that E&E Off-Road LLC will never ask you for personal information through e-mail. If you are ever unsure of whether or not an e-mail is legitimate, please contact the E&E Off-Road LLC.


Identity theft can also occur over the phone. If you are contacted by somebody at E&E Off-Road LLC make sure that it is a legitimate call. Many people can pose as a representative but the number that they call from is not linked to E&E Off-Road LLC. The best way to make sure that the call is legitimate is to make the representative confirm the details of your order without your assistance. If they can legitimately tell you what you ordered, then the call is legitimate.


Understanding the signs to look for is the best prevention of identity theft. Educating yourself about identity theft and phishing is the best defense against such practices.

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